Barks and Burgers comes to Festival Park



Photo by Andre Spieker
  • Photo by Andre Spieker

Photo by Andre Spieker

11 a.m. Saturday, 11 | Orlando Festival Park, 2911 E. Robinson St. | 407-309-7387 | | $15-50, $5 for parking

What better way to benefit the Urban Pet Project and support pet rescues and charities in Orlando than by eating a hamburger? Yes, a hamburger! But not just any burger. You will have a choice between burgers made by local chefs and restaurants as they compete for the title of Orlando’s Best Burger, so you know they’ll be using only the best ingredients. Enjoy these tasty creations alongside live music, shopping and pet adoptions. Don’t worry if you don’t eat beef; there will be a variety of burgers sold, from seafood to vegan. Enjoy your burger of choice with an ice cold beer-verage in the beer garden. Bring your dog, bring your kids: This is an event for the entire family. The grills fire up at 11 a.m., so get ready for some tasteful competition and a barking good time. Get it? – Lea Phillips