NPR news show "Here and Now" airing from Orlando today



Just a reminder to tune in to WMFE at 1 p.m. today to hear Boston-based NPR news show Here and Now broadcast from Orlando. (Reporter Jeremy Hobson is already looking for restaurant suggestions.) They'll be discussing the, oh what's the phrase I'm looking for here, insane shitshow that is the Florida gubernatorial race.

Jeb Lund wrote an excellent Rolling Stone story about it last week, but I feel like our senior staff writer Billy Manes might have a little to contribute if anyone's looking for a more local angle, as well as "Give Me Your Money" columnist Dave Plotkin.


Our coverage in the last month or so:

Or, you know, just search "Rick Scott" or "Charlie Crist" on our site and take your pick of all the fun.

Anyway, don't forget to listen at 1 p.m. at 90.7-FM.