Send off Me Chinese and Room Full of Strangers at CMJ Pre-Party




with Me Chinese, Room Full of Strangers, DJ VSN QST | 8 p.m. Friday | The Peacock Room,

1321 N. Mills Ave. | 407-228-0048 | | $8

When Me Chinese takes the stage, it’s almost impossible not to Snoopy-dance along, especially when they tear into their especially infectious recently released dance number, “The Single.” It comes as no shock that the man/soothsayer behind one of the most memorable songs we’ve heard from an Orlando band, Telethon’s “I Hear This Song Forever,” is also pushing the pen on this song [Editor's note: I've just been informed that Wright is the songwriter behind "The Single," and on many Me Chinese songs that have been repurposed from Wright's previous project Pony Up. Apologies to Wright for the misinformation. Me Chinese's songs are a full-band effort, which definitely shows in the bouncy and boundless creativity of their original numbers.] (welcome back, Matt Kamm) and just as predictably pushing the energy at their shows with his stage antics. The winning combo of Ben Wright on vocals and keys gives the new Kamm project a different slant. When Wright closes his eyes to bounce along as if he’s alone in his bedroom, it’s an invitation for you to let loose and do the same. Catch the guys playing with equally big showmen Room Full of Strangers before both bands head north for the esteemed CMJ Music Marathon in New York. – Ashley Belanger