10 Craigslist ads that prove that Orlando theme parks are almost as good as Grindr



Ever wanted to see a Disney Prince’s dick? Here you go! (NSFW, obvs)
  • Ever wanted to see a Disney Prince’s dick? Here you go! (NSFW, obvs)

Ever wanted to see a Disney Prince’s dick? Here you go! (NSFW, obvs)

Waiting in lines at the theme parks may seem boring, however we've proved before that Disney is one of the horniest places on earth. This new set of Orlando Craigslist ads go to show that the drops on the rides aren't the only things going down. Previously we thought it was just the characters copping feels here and there at the happiest place on earth, but these ads say there are definitely more people grabbing for Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums than we thought. Women seeking men, men seeking women, men seeking men, couples seeking couples all out to give you a happy ending to your magical day. To keep things relatively clean, we took screenshots of the ads but didn’t include any pictures. You’ll have to head on over to Craigslist yourself for that.

1. Just can't stop thinking about that smoking babe on the bridge:


2. "Hey, you with the bulge, my Grindr isn't working!"


3. Tami works at Universal ... let me work on you:


4. Remember cast members, you must point your way to the bed with a full hand gesture:


5. I can't spell but I'll do what you tell:


6. You checked my seat and I checked you out ... you gay, bro?


7. From Fireball to fondling ... I'm down:


8. In case you were on the fence about how you felt about Disney:


9. Sorry, not sorry.


10. "As I look up at the night sky I merely take some solace in this anonymous confession."