Horror Movie Poetry Night offers a Halloween party for introverts




7 p.m. | Gallery at Avalon Island, 39 S. Magnolia Ave. | 407-317-8367 | free

There’s more than one way to celebrate this Halloween season. You can dress up like a sexy fillintheblanks and go out drinking. You can construct elaborate costumes and go to parties. Or, if you’re not the masquerade type, you can forgo the makeup and wigs and theatrics and attend an event like tonight’s Horror Movie Poetry Night, at which the Drunken Odyssey podcast brings area poets together to recite odes and couplets and sonnets that celebrate horror and the horror-movie culture that consumes people at this time of year. Listen as Teege Braune, John King, Karen Price, Jeff Shuster and a bunch of other local writers riff on the greatest horror stories of our time. – Erin Sullivan