Night of the Glowing Dead Paint Party at Venue 578



Image via Feel Numb
  • Image via Feel Numb

Image via Feel Numb

10 p.m. - 2:30 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 16 | Venue 578, 578 N Orange Ave. |407- 872-0066 | | $15 - 25 |

There seems to be a zombie outbreak in Orlando. Don't run for that survival kit you bought off eBAy. Instead, head to Venue 578 for shelter. But what if the zombies find their way in? Try joining forces. Dance with the living dead with grooves provided by Dvnk Sinatrv, Deejay Flight, Krybtonite, D-Day and many more. In case joining forces doesn't work, you're encouraged not to dress to impress. As you learned from The Walking Dead, a zombie apocalypse can get pretty messy. According to Venue 578, "studies have shown that the only antidote to any zombie infestation is a ton of paint, lights and bass." So, there will be more than 100 gallons of green and red UV paint and fire breathers to keep the zombies from eating you alive. Grab those closest to you and prepare for a night of scary good fun.

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