Thank you, Internet: Pumkpin kegs and cat-ear headphones


There so many fun things going on this weekend, you kinda wish you could start it early, don't you? Well ... you can't. You gotta wait til the clock ticks down the minutes until 5 p.m. Hopefully, these links will help the time march a little faster:

Image via Indiegogo
  • Image via Indiegogo

Image via Indiegogo

1. OK, so $150 seems like a ton of money to spend on a pair of headphones, but, look at 'em! Man, they are adorable. Axtent Wear was founded by two UC Berkley alums with the dream of sharing music. Cause, see, those cat ears up there? They're not only cute and glow-y, but with the push of a button, they turn into speakers. Their Indiegogo campaign is more than fully funded, having raised over a million dollars (with an original goal of $250k) thus far. As of this posting, you've got 22 days left to get reserve your own pair.

2. We apologize for the mostly boring host in the video above (seriously, what the hell is wrong with her?! She's dealing with pumpkin beer!), but we're totally making this pumpkin beer keg and we think you should too. There are two best parts of this instructable from Mashable: 1. It's super-freaking easy. 2. You'll most likely have to drink your pumpkin-kegged beer damn fast, before it goes flat. A happy Halloween, indeed.

215 Bloody Best Moments from Orlando Zombie Ball
  • 215 Bloody Best Moments from Orlando Zombie Ball

215 Bloody Best Moments from Orlando Zombie Ball

3. You guys, Orlando Zombie Ball is NEXT WEDNESDAY! We've got our costumes all planned out and can't wait to dance like the undead. This gallery captures all the madness from last year. Transform yourself into your worst nightmare, get your tickets and we'll see you at Venue 578, Wednesday, Oct. 22.

4. Last year, Kid President, one of the best pep-talkers on the Internet, deemed the month of October "Socktober." His mission was to provide socks (and other necessities) for homeless people around the country. Last year more than 100,000 individuals and organizations (this writer included!) donated to local homeless organizations as part of Socktober. This year, his goal is 2 million. Help a Kid President out, won'tcha?

5. Cats do not like brooms.