Today Is the Day rouses crowds at Will's Pub




with Lord Mantis, Neat Freak | 7 p.m. | Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave. | | $12

If you’re a Mastodon fan and you don’t plan to check out Today Is the Day this week, you’d better start hitting the wikis harder than the whiskey. Today Is the Day’s been rousing smart crowds with incredible noise since 1992, jumping from taste-making label to label (Amphetamine Records, Relapse and, now, Southern Lord) with this year’s Animal Mother rounding out a dirty dozen of releases since then. While their earliest records, Supernova and Willpower, remain fan and critic favorites, points out it was 1999’s In the Eyes of God that featured two of Mastodon’s founding members, Brann Dailor and Bill Kelliher, meaning not only does Today Is the Day create heart-crushing music that’s artfully skittish, but their influence has long been felt by the popular juggernaut that is Mastodon (who comes to town next month!) and every other metal fan in the know. Today’s the day you join us? – Ashley Belanger