James Cornetet's High Fidelity show takes a closer look at some tiny subjects




7-10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 24 | Jai Gallery, 47 E. Robinson St. | 407-921-0693 | jaigallery.net | free

Orlando-based architect and insect-lover James Cornetet combines his love of line and fabrication in this new installation that showcases the oft-overlooked beauty of some of nature’s teeny-weeny creatures. Cornetet created a custom camera that can capture gigapixels of detail, enabling him to get up close and personal with butterflies and other little critters by stitching together over 4,000 individual, tiny photographs to create something spellbindingly original and thought-provoking. You’ll never look at those ants in your picnic basket the same again. –  Brendan O’Connor