VOTELANDO!: Saturday event promises "candidate dunk tank," Charlie Crist and bus rides to early voting sites



You may have overlooked this in our calendar listings this week, but it turns out that Votelando (Facebook event page here) – unlike other made-up words – is a thing you might care to pay attention to. In addition to boasting some 70 music acts on four stages (because Live Aid), the whole thing is also supposed to be a celebration of early voting, apparently. Participants will have the option to be ACTUALLY CARRIED to their early voting locations in order to cast their votes for the Nov. 4 general election that involves THIS GUY. There is a "candidate dunk tank" situation about which we couldn't be more excited (especially because "This is a nonpartisan event"). And late breaking rumors would have it that one Charlie Crist will be in attendance at some point. WHAT IF CHARLIE CRIST GETS IN THE DUNK TANK? HOW MANY NEWS OUTLETS WILL CARRY THAT? THIS ONE WILL. At any rate, all the info is above; there is a "kids station"; there will be "drink specials" and "food trucks." Oh, and it's free all the way out there at the Discount Music Center you drive by on I-4 every day. DUNK TANK. DUNK TANK. DUNK TANK.

Oh, and also, vote like there's no tomorrow. We did today.