Peacock Room shows this week moved to new venues: Pup, Mikey Erg, Golden Pelicans



Image via Orlando Pre-Fest on Facebook
  • Image via Orlando Pre-Fest on Facebook

Image via Orlando Pre-Fest on Facebook

There's a lot of confusion swirling around Peacock Room right now. We originally were informed that the bar/venue would continue hosting shows and barflies alike through the end of October. Then, Peacock Room owner Carmen Oleander reached out to clarify that dates were uncertain and dependent on the confirmed sale of Peacock Room's liquor license. We spoke to Oleander this morning, and she says that the bar will be open all this week and possibly longer. She also said she would let us know when the official closing date was set.

Amid all the questions flying, some of the shows booked at the Peacock Room this week have relocated:

Orlando Pre-Fest 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 28, moved to St. Matthew's Tavern and Will's Pub (RSVP)

Details: What was intended to be a million-course, punk-filled, all-night buffet has been broken into two shows. At St. Matthew's Tavern, catch Young Uncles, Protagonist, Divided Heaven, Chumped, Mikey Erg! with doors at 5 p.m. At Will's Pub, find Teen Agers, Somos, Dikembe, Pup, You Blew It! with doors at 10 p.m. Admission is still $12-$15 and gets you into both shows at both venues. Read our interview with Pup before heading out to the show.

Devil's Night 9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 30, moved to Spacebar (RSVP)

Details: Join a mixed-and-matched group of bands as eclectic as the treasures in your trick-or-treat bag, as Fast Preacher, Ark, Andrew Ramos and Ze Brainchild, Sean Shakespeare and Addison make mischief on the Halloween eve.

Halloween Smashtacular with Poweraged! 10 p.m. Friday, Oct. 31, moved to St. Matthew's Tavern (RSVP)

Details: We previously thought this would be the final show at the Peacock Room, but the AC/DC cover show featuring the Golden Pelicans and Gino and the Goons performing Powerage has been moved to St. Matthew's Tavern. Still free. Still gonna rule.

We will update if any other shows are relocated.