It finally happened – somebody (besides us) made Rick Scott masks for Halloween



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It was bound to happen eventually – somebody's trying to cash in on the Gov. Rick Scott-as-a-scary-monster thing for Halloween. A website called is selling masks of Scott's face, which you can wear on Halloween to "scare the shit out of Florida voters." We couldn't find much info on the masks, and the person who bought the web domain did so by proxy, so we have no idea who's behind these things. Based on the photos we found on Facebook, they look like they're maybe made of cardboard with an elastic band to hold them in place, and you have to punch out the eyes yourself.

Rick Scott Masks Facebook page.
  • Rick Scott Masks Facebook page.

Via Rick Scott Masks Facebook page.

That's fine and all, but they want $13 for them! And Rick Scott masks have been sooooo done already. In fact, we made one in 2010, and we gave it away for free.  Just saying. Of course, you have to print ours out yourself and paste it to posterboard or something so it doesn't fall apart. But ours came with an extra interchangeable creepy smile, so you can change faces as your mood sees fit. See below (artwork by our talented former art director Shan Stumpf):


You can buy a Rick Scott Mask at for $13, or download ours for free here. Anybody know where we can find a Charlie Crist mask? We'd love to reenact #fangate at a party on Friday night.