Benjamin Booker comes back to town with his chilling, must-listen debut album




BENJAMIN BOOKER with the Woolly Bushmen | 8 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 29 | The Social, 54 N. Orange Ave. | 407-246-1419 | | $10

It’s possible you missed Benjamin Booker when he was in town last March. It’s even forgivable, since Booker had not yet released his ATO Records self-titled debut. You didn’t know. But now the record’s out, and it burns through bluesy vocals and fiercely rocks, managing to easily convey that genuinely righteous feeling so few full bands can carry off in these synthetically vibed times – and he’s just one man (FYI: Last time through, he toured with a drummer). Benjamin Booker is a must-listen for 2014, inducing chills as he hushes through the trembling pulse of “Chippewa” and delivers on the promised rush of album opener, “Violent Shiver.” He’s perked up ears at Rolling Stone, Paste and Spin, so lend him yours before you miss out on invigorating, soulful music that cuts through your veins to form a jagged ravine unrivaled by better-known bands with much deeper catalogs. – Ashley Belanger