Do me, Orlando: The Rocky Horror Picture Show Halloween Extravaganza with the Rich Weirdoes



Art by Brendan O'Connor
  • Art by Brendan O'Connor

Art by Brendan O'Connor

The best part: Smuggling your costume into Universal under a trench coat

How long does it last? One hour and 35 minutes

Info/cost: 10 p.m. Friday; Universal Cineplex, Citywalk, Universal Studios; $11.49; 352-874-6998;

You either love Rocky or you’re boring. Now, you could very well watch it at home in your stretchy pants

by yourself

or you could put on some powder and catch it the way it’s supposed to be seen; with a shadow cast. Performers, representing the cast of the film, hop up in front of the screen and pantomime the entire show. The Rich Weirdoes host this show monthly, but the best time to catch it is on Halloween, for their big extravaganza. Featuring a live performance by Marc With a C, a 20-minute pre-show with super-sexy dancers and a costume contest, it’s the perfect time to time warp with your buddies - especially if they still have their Franken-cherry. If you come dressed up  (which you totally should) Universal has a strict dress code which means you have to hide your fishnets under a trench coat on your way in - because family. We suggest a full-length feather cape or faux-unicorn hide poncho - anything really - as long as it’s fabulous and hides your naughties. Once you’re inside the venue though, feel free to bust out the chaps and g-string and fly that freak flag!