Kiss these grits! Soco adds festive Southern Sunday brunch


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Falling into line with the rash(er) of local restos adding early-morning hours (the Smiling Bison, Black Bean Deli, the Coop), chef Greg Richie's "modern Southern" joint, Soco, will serve brunch starting at 11 a.m. Sundays. We're stoked for another weekend Benedict option, especially one so close to lovely Lake Eola (around which you can walk off your indulgence, or maybe just stop off for a stomach-settling craft brew at the new downtown World of Beer).

We've got a sneak peek of the menu for you below, but expect dishes to fluctuate based on what's fresh/seasonal/available each week. Looking over this assortment of turnt-up Southern traditionals – griddled johnnycakes with crab and avocado salad, truffle-and-bacon deviled ducks' eggs, a particularly audacious spin on chicken and waffles (fried quail and pecan waffles with salted maple syrup) and yes, baked cheddar grits – we're pretty sure you won't have a hard time finding something to satisfy. But save up your pennies, kids ... cheap eats these ain't.


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 Soco Brunch Menu