Watch a live broadcast of World Vasectomy Day



Image via World Vasectomy Day
  • Image via World Vasectomy Day

Image via World Vasectomy Day

Remember earlier this year when we wrote about the Second Annual World Vasectomy Day? Well, it's finally here and all those fellas that signed up for the free vasectomies are getting them performed all day today ... and you can watch! Yeah, you can watch men (both local and around the globe) get snipped, live on cam. According to Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando, 250 doctors in 30 countries plan to perform as many vasectomies today as they can. Locally, Planned Parenthood is planning to perform 28 vasectomies in willing participants. Why? To let people know that it's a safe, relatively simple form of birth control

We watched a bit of the live stream this morning and, to be honest, it's pretty tame. Lots of men with their pants around their knees, though, as you can see above.

Tell us, as a man, would you exchange a free vasectomy for the loss of privacy as it happens? And women, would you make the same trade for an IUD insertion or a tubal ligation?