The Space reminds us that "The Internet Is Where Everyone Belongs"



Photo courtesy of Brown Bread
  • Photo courtesy of Brown Bread

Photo courtesy of Brown Bread

One does not simply walk into the Space. There are stairs. When you get up those stairs tonight, you’ll be greeted by the best thing in the world: the Internet. To complement a show full of synth-driven acts like Ark, Michael Parallax, Harsh Radish and Brown Bread, local artists have created a theme that celebrates and examines the weird, wonderful relationship we have with the synthetic community that is the World Wide Web. Even if you’re a Bad Luck Brian, these Good Guy Gregs will wrap you up in the sweet, warm dream-like sounds of

Astoria, Oregon’s Brown Bread, get you pontificating like a Philosoraptor to Ark’s percussive, floaty loops, or shaking your ass like a Scumbag Stacy during Michael Parallax’s frenetic, crowd-participation-heavy LED party. Make sure your phone is charged and your data is unlimited, as attendees are encouraged to dress up as “your favorite Internet” and you’re going to want to Instagram the shit out of that. Such Internet. So music. Much art. Very Space. Wow.

THE INTERNET IS WHERE EVERYONE BELONGS with Harsh Radish, Brown Bread, Ark and Michael Parallax | 9:30 p.m. Saturday Nov. 15 | The Space, 1206 E. Colonial Drive | | $5