Restaurants honor veterans with free meals today



Image via Smokey Bones
  • Image via Smokey Bones




Image via Smokey Bones

Smokey Bones (free meal): With food complimentary of Executive Chef Jason Grondland who is also a fellow vet, military personnel can enjoy a day stuffing their face for free all day long (or at least until you’re meal is finished).


Applebee's (free meal): Buzz your way to Applebee's if you’re a fan of their oh-so delish baby back ribs for a complete free meal with proof of military status.


Chili’s (free meal): I wouldn’t pass up their salmon for the world and neither should you if you’re a vet. Stop by on Veteran’s Day for a free meal (hint: take the salmon).


Red Lobster (free appetizer): Their dishes can be pricey if you want a full deluxe meal but on Veteran’s Day, you can get at least alleviate the bill with a free appetizer. Their nachos are to die for

you know, besides your country.


Denny’s (free Gran Slam): Bacon, eggs, optional hash browns, sausages, and pancakes? Who could ask for a better breakfast? All vets are welcomed to take a dunk at Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast favorite (with proof military service, of course).


Texas Roadhouse (free meal): You may not know about this restaurant but if you’re one for adventures, you might want to chance the opportunity to get a free meal on Veteran’s Day if you’re a vet.


T.G.I Friday (free lunch): Don’t wait until Friday to slide on through this joint. This awesome restaurant is handing out free lunch for our dedicated brothers and sisters in arms this Tuesday.

(*All restaurants will need proof of military status before meals*)