Good at Bad Decisions with guests Brian Barganier and Jerry Morgan




The insanely participatory comedy showcase is back, and at its helm tonight are the extremely funny Alex Luchun and Larry Fulford (back from a stint playing drums in Knoxville for Matt Woods.) Last time we were at one of their shows, they busted out the “Wheel of Bad Decisions” and invited the audience onstage for a Weezer sing-along. This time they’re promising even more shenanigans and they’ve brought some big hitters with them too; Brian Barganier (Comedy Central, MTV) and Jerry Morgan (Tom Green Live) who are stopping by on the second part of their Spaghetti Lullaby Tour. Now we know what you’re thinking, Tom Green Live? Does that mean there will be poop on the mic? We’re curious too, so let’s go and find out.

9 p.m. Monday, Nov. 17 | Lil Indies, 1036 N. Mills Ave. | | free