The News Junkies encouraging people to protest Bill Cosby's show in Melbourne tonight



Image via Showbiz 411
  • Image via Showbiz 411

Image via Showbiz 411

Beleaguered comedian Bill Cosby is set to take the stage at the King Center for the Performing Arts in Melbourne tonight, but may not find as warm of a reception as he would like. After a string of rape allegations stretching back to the 1960s have sprouted up in the news again, Cosby has seen shows cancelled, production on a new show at NBC halted, a new Netflix comedy special postponed and even reruns of The Cosby Show taken off of nostalgia channel TV Land. Tonight, he will have to contend with ... fans of Real Radio 104.1's The News Junkie?

"All you have to do is stand up. You got to film it or record the audio," host Shawn Wesson told WKMG-6. "Stand up in one of the quiet portions at the beginning of Bill Cosby's performance and scream out something about the rape allegations." The show is offering a $200 Amazon gift card to anyone who goes through with the challenge.

Though the method encouraged by The News Junkie is a bit sensationalistic, Cosby has so far refused to address the allegations, only releasing a statement through his lawyers that he would not dignify the accusations with a response. While we doubt that anyone yelling at him during his show tonight will be the straw that makes him address the allegations publicly, how he handles such harsh hecklers will certainly be interesting to see.