Peek-A-Boo lets it all out for their 6-year anniversary



Photo by Brooke Jordan
  • Photo by Brooke Jordan
Photo by Brooke Jordan

Stardust Lounge (the bar, not the coffee shop) opened six short years ago in 2008 and partnered with Blue Star right away to host Dirty Bingo. From that partnership arose one of the longest-running burlesque shows in town. The show runs every first and third Wednesday of the month, but the anniversary promises to be a real floozy-doozy, with some of our favorite bawdy acts from over the years. We recommend grabbing some drinks from Aku Aku or the World of Beer patio next door and then stumbling down the stairs into the Lounge with a pocket full of singles later in the night.

9:30 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 26 | Stardust Lounge, 431 E. Central Blvd. | 407-839-0080 | | $10 (only standing room tickets left at time of this blog posting)