Protest today at 5 p.m. to call for racial justice



Today at 5 p.m., an ad hoc group of activists, residents and social justice organizations are meeting up at the corner of East Colonial Drive and Magnolia 

This is a totally organic, unofficial event, something put together by members, supporters and allies that have all wanted to take action on the racial justice issue. There are no specifics since we're not really "running" it. I think once everyone gets to the intersection, we'll go from there.

Here's a quote from Yasser Edmond, who was arrested for walking while being black.

"I was unjustly arrested a few months ago for being black. Luckily, I was not murdered by a police officer and all charges were dropped," said Yasser Edmond, 20-year old Orlando resident. "I could have easily been Mike Brown, Eric Garner or Yvette Smith. This stops today."