Apparently, Orlando has one of the ugliest populations in the entire country



Travel + Lesiure
readers, we are truly offended. In a recent poll, you voted Orlando No. 8 for having the least attractive population in the United States.

That's not to say that Travel & Leisure has a thing against Florida cities – Miami landed at No. 1 for the most attractive and Tampa squeaked into the top 10 most attractive cities at No. 10. But Orlando is the only city in the state of Florida that ended up on the unattractive list, making us the ugly stepsister of Florida. 

We're not too bummed about, though. We know that we are NOT ugly at all. The Travel + Leisure readers were obviously just confusing us with all the tourists that are here all the time. They're the ugly ones, right? Not us?

Readers did rate Orlando high on weather and cleanliness. So, we're not hot, but at least we're clean. Thanks a lot, Travel + Leisure. 

And just to show you how not-ugly Orlandoans are, here are some galleries showcasing some pretty people who live here. They don't call us the City Beautiful for nothing, you know.