Dwight Howard returns to Orlando with the Rockets to take on the Magic


  • Photo by Fernando Medina

Dwight Howard hasn’t been the same since he left the Magic, and that’s maybe something the more impassioned fans delighted in over the past few seasons. But this year, he’s returning to form, and there are whispers that he’s a dark horse for defensive player of the year (HISS!). If you’ve let go of the bitter feelings, good on you. Either way, this week’s matchup between the Magic and the Rockets should motivate a little extra morale in any tapped-out Magic fans who’ve turned away from the team during this time of rebuilding because it’s just not easy loving a losing team. What’s more, the game happens as a sort-of homecoming for the Magic after a difficult road series pitted our boys against the Bulls and the Trailblazers. That’s tough, but the Magic’s proven tough enough to battle the biggest beasts in the NBA and we have faith they’ll cool the Rockets’ jets. 

7 p.m. Wednesday | Amway Center, 400 W. Church St. | 407-440-7000 | amwaycenter.com | $24-$1,427.50