Kevin Klinkenberger discusses the transition to a walking- and biking-friendly society at Canvs



Sadly, Orlando has a reputation as a hostile place for pedestrians, though we’re seeing a gradual shift toward becoming a more pedestrian- and cycling-friendly city. Part of that shift is due to infrastructure (SunRail, bike shares, a focus on main streets and walkable neighborhoods), but some of it is due to perception. The more people choose to walk and bike – and live in neighborhoods designed around pedestrian activity – the more we normalize walking (and let’s just consider for a moment how odd it is that we actually need to normalize the method of transportation our bodies were designed for). This lecture, hosted by CNU Orlando and IDEAS for Us, focuses on a personal exploration of walking by Savannah author Kevin Klinkenberg, who talks about why walking really is the best way to get around and how to get people to accept it as a worthy activity. Let’s bring back walking in 2015! 

6 p.m. Wednesday | Canvs, 101 S. Garland Ave. | | free