Friday afternoon time killer: Find out how far it is from Orlando to anywhere in the world



Ever wonder how far Orlando is from Havana (375 miles)? Or Helsinki, Finland (5,059 miles)? How about Singapore (10,354 miles)? We found a cool free online service that will give you the distance (in miles, kilometers or nautical miles) how far you are from practically anyplace in the world. 

Time and Date not only relays mile information, but also what the weather will be like in your destination of choice. It’s snowing in Prague? No prob! Grab your coat and you’ll be good to go. It’s sunny and breezy in Cabo? Make sure to pack your bathing suit and an extra pair of shades. Don't have money to travel? Us either. But we're sort of obsessed with playing around on the site anyway. Also: this is a good Friday afternoon time-waster, if you're looking for ways to sound down the minutes until you're out of the office for the weekend.