Body//Talk invents an exclusive, live-streamed party with the Body//Room


  • James Dechert
Throwing madly imaginative dance parties is the singular focus of Body//Talk, and to achieve the incomparable vibe they’re wildly adored for, the party planners like to think in terms of the total package. For this month’s party, they’ve created the Body//Room, an ambitious night patterned after the exclusive, invite-only parties most folks only see on YouTube known as Boiler Room. So the controlled dancefloor at Spacebar will be open to no more than 80 people getting down at one time to DJs Vsn Qst, Grant, Eminent and Grüvv. Like Boiler Room, Body//Talk plans to live-stream the party, but we’re guessing most folks would rather be on the other side of the screen being immortalized and not peering through the one-way mirror at all the fun. Forget about arriving fashionably late and elbow in early to brave the restricted rave.

THE BODY//ROOM with Vsn Qst, Grant, Eminent, Grüvv | 10 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 31 | Spacebar, 2428 E. Robinson St. | 407-228-0804 | | $10