Hammered Lamb hosts Puppy Bowl stars at their watch party

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The best thing that ever happened to Super Bowl Sunday was not the Budweiser horses (nor the frogs, for that matter) – it was the puppies. In 2005, Animal Planet created an homage to the biggest football event of the year, and since then the Puppy Bowl has taken on a life of its own, with penguin cheerleaders, a cockatiel announcer and kittens at halftime. Other channels have even spun off copycats (the Kitten Bowl on Hallmark Channel and the Fish Bowl on Nat Geo), but the Puppy Bowl will always be the one that makes us look forward to Super Bowl Sunday. This year, 16 puppies from Florida Little Dog Rescue will play in the Puppy Bowl, and the rescue is holding a tailgating watch party at Hammered Lamb to celebrate. Some of the star players will even make appearances.

2 p.m. Sunday | The Hammered Lamb, 1235 N. Orange Ave. | 407-704-3200 | free