Michael Parallax debuts new double EP early at release party with Rich Aucoin at Will's Pub


Michael Parallax is a machine, turning out new music and bumping it when the party demands, which is the case this week when he releases his new double EP How We Were/Who We Are (out Feb. 14, but available early to attendees of this show). While Parallax’s pop is difficult to pigeonhole, it’s bright and mesmerizing, with vocals – frequently in a soulful upper register – dancing to induce a trance and then spilling into a chanted chorus driven over pulsing rhythms. It’s light and airy, but in its sparseness opens itself up to intriguing transitions that seem to be more concerned with propelling the music forward than circling back in traditional pop song structure. He’s a bouncing live presence whose colorful stage shows never disappoint, and this is his official tour kickoff party, also featuring pretty electronic pop all the way from Canada in Rich Aucoin. Help them set it off, because the event info on Facebook makes flashy promises of balloons, fireworks, costumes and strobes. 

MICHAEL PARALLAX with Rich Aucoin, Harsh Radish, Dromes | 8 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 5 | Will’s Pub, 1042 N. Mills Ave. | willspub.org | $5