Nikki Painter deconstructs reality Friday night at Twelve21 Gallery


'Untitled (Swamp)' - NIKKI PAINTER
  • Nikki Painter
  • 'Untitled (Swamp)'

Virginia-based artist Nikki Painter has a somewhat morbid turn of mind. “I have been interested in demolition sites because they appeal to my ideas about the natural world’s tendency toward chaos,” she says in her artist’s statement. “Ambiguous places, exploded imagery, broken motifs … a constant state of flux.” With that emphasis on destruction, it’s a happy contradiction to see her bright, poppy drawings: a neon-hued fizz of checkerboards and stripes swarms over stark architectural forms, representing the natural world’s inevitable takeover of manmade spaces. Get in the mood to explore the continuum at this opening night party, but please don’t try to hasten the eventual destruction of the gallery’s built environment – this is Twelve21's last show in this location, so play nice, drink wine and maybe even buy some art for once.

opening 6-9 p.m. Friday | show through March 12 | Twelve21 Gallery, 1221-C N. Orange Ave. | 407-982-4357 |

'Collapse' - NIKKI PAINTER
  • Nikki Painter
  • 'Collapse'