Universal Orlando bans bottled water (for now)


  • via wikipedia

Next time you head to Universal Orlando or City Walk, make sure you’re hydrated before you’re in the gates. According to Click Orlando and Theme Park Insider, the park is now prohibiting guests from bringing bottled water inside when they arrive. The rule apparently went into effect suddenly – a bunch of unhappy visitors to the park complained that they were told they had to either drink their water before entering or ditch their bottles in a garbage can before they could go in. 

Visitors to Universal are still allowed to bring in liquid medications and baby formula, but thirsty adults are going to have to purchase water in the park (not cheap) or drink from public water fountains.

Tom Schroder, spokesman for Universal Orlando, wrote in an email to Theme Park Insider that the water restriction isn’t permanent. Rumors has it that people were sneaking alcohol into the park in empty water bottles for the park’s Mardi Gras celebration, but Universal didn’t confirm.