Careless Juja mixes puppets and video game music to tell the story of the Boar Knight


  • Kittens of Industry
Attention, gamers: Careless Juja, the Internet-based video game recording project, is set to release its first concept album, Legend of the Boar Knight. Consisting mostly of music from classic RPGs and fantasy-based games (Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, Kid Icarus etc.), the album is tied together with storytelling interstitials that tell the story of Nathaniel, the Boar Knight, an “armor-wearing, rat-summoning, cloven-hoofed warrior.” For this release party, Careless Juja is acting out the story of the Boar Knight with puppets on the Geek Easy’s stage. Almost the entire collective will be flying in from around the country to give the album the full-band treatment. Marc With a C also performs a set of some of Careless Juja’s favorite songs, though with the bad words removed just in case some of the old-school gamers in attendance bring their new-school gamers to see the cute pig puppets.

6 p.m. Saturday, March 7 | The Geek Easy, 114 S. Semoran Blvd., Winter Park | | free