See the world's only cat band at the Famous Cat Circus


Stop everything that you think is important, take a good look at yourself in that sad mirror you call a vanity and get your priorities in order, pretty cat lady (or man). The Amazing Acro-Cats are about to take up a week and a half of your attention at the Venue, and you must be there. Why? Because Tuna will be there, and Tuna (graciously sharing the stage with Oz, Dakota, Nue and Sookie) is the star of the “only cat band in existence,” the Rock Cats. Also, Alley (get it, because he’s – she’s? – a cat) will amaze you with his/her leaping skills; Alley is listed in the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records for jumping six feet (YouTube it). Naturally, it’s all for a good cause; all the cats involved are rescues trained with clickers, thanks to Amazing Acro-Cats’ “chief executive human,” Samantha Martin. A portion of all proceeds will go to feline rescues, and it seems that there may be A BUS FULL OF ADOPTABLE FLUFFY CATS on premises? You need more cats.

8 p.m. Thursday, March 5 | various times through March 15 | The Venue, 511 Virginia Drive | | $20