Florida Man now has his own beer (courtesy of Cigar City) because of course he does



As any Google search will prove, our beautiful state’s peculiar inhabitants and their even more outlandish delinquencies have brought the very name of our home an undesirable connotation, one you can’t even attempt to erase from your memory. Well, now you can at least try the old alcoholic brain-erase technique: “Florida Man” has become such a brand he has now become a microbrew.

Following the success of the Florida Man Twitter account and the Florida Man documentary, Tampa’s Cigar City Brewery pays homage to our debased brother with their new Florida Man Double IPA. The label displays the same terrible/hilarious mug shot that serves as @_FloridaMan's Twitter avatar, and the beer itself is said to have a bright, extra-hoppy, citrusy taste. It's currently available only in the brewery’s tasting room for $9 a bottle, but Cigar City plans to take the new booze to retail throughout Florida are in the works. Cheers to celebrating our flaws!