The live-action 'Attack on Titan' movie looks insane!



Attack on Titan
is one of those anime productions that has captured a wide audience, much like the heavily-celebrated Death Note series. For those unfamiliar with the premise: the last remnants of humanity are held up in cities behind massive walls. Why? Because there are giant, naked, behemoth-like humans wandering the planet who's only purpose it seems is to thin the population (by eating people). Death is everywhere, and our story centers around a young boy who decides to join the military to fight these creatures and defend mankind. Bottom line: The show takes something fantastical and tilts it toward reality using questions of mortality and loyalty towards your fellow man.

It was announced a while back that a live action version of the show was in production and to be honest, the cast posters didn't completely sell me. Now, a show in Japan has revealed the first-ever footage of the Attack on Titan film, and I'm completely eating my words. The location looks true to form, The cinematography is spellbinding, and the Titans themselves look terrifying. What more could you ask for?

The first season is streaming on Netflix right now if you'd like to treat yo' self. In the meantime, check out the live-action film footage below — sorry in advance for the awkward bubbly overlays.