'God of War 3' gets a sexy, polytheistic remastering!



Time to slap on some white paint and start yelling at things, because God of War 3 is getting the remaster treatment for Playstation 4. Did we ask for it? No. Does this mean we are to expect a God of War announcement in the near future? I wouldn't dismiss the idea.

While I gave the more recent God of War ascension a terrible review for turning Kratos and sniffling, screaming baby, God of War 3 was one of those games that did everything right: it was epic beyond epic, had some of the best writing and gameplay in the series, and brilliantly capped off a story arc that we knew and loved. By the looks of this announcement trailer (conveniently placed below), it looks like this masterpiece hasn't aged one bit!

God of War 3 remastered is looking to release on July 14th on Playstation 4.