George Zimmerman is STILL talking. Why is he still talking?



So George Zimmerman did an interview with a legal firm Ayo and Iken Attorneys and Advocates (whose website is, by the way), in which he pretty much rehashes a bunch of stuff and says it was God's plan for things to pan out the way they did the night he shot Trayvon Martin to death in Sanford. 

Oh, and also: He blames Obama for inciting hate. 

And he has to keep looking over his shoulder. And also, he hates that he keeps making the news:

Q: There are a lot of people who point to the fact that you’ve had repeated trouble after this incident and that gives proof right there that you were wrong in what you did. How would you respond to those people?

A: I would ask them to put themselves in my shoes and again when you have a speeding ticket or a speeding infraction, any traffic citation and it makes international news appearing all the way to the UK you have to sit back and ask what is the media’s agenda.

Uh, yeah. Only it wasn't traffic tickets that caused him to make the news. It was for charges of aggravated assault and domestic violence. Also, the more publicity stunts you engage in, the harder it is to just slip into oblivion. Casey Anthony did it. You could, too, George. You could, too.