The owls are not what they seem: 'Twin Peaks' comes to Enzian


While the rest of us log ladies, Laura Palmers and backward-talking weirdos attempt to decipher whether it’s yes or no on Showtime’s Twin Peaks reboot – director David Lynch has all of a sudden become cloudy on the issue – we can all toast a damn good cup of coffee to the fact that the Enzian is pulling out the legendary television show’s bright-red foray into cinematic territory. Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, which recounts the story of Laura Palmer before she became a white naked body wrapped in plastic, and while it may have been met with some critical hesitance upon its 1992 release, it did feature David Bowie and Chris Isaak, so there’s always that. Scratch your chin and ponder as you relive the thoughtful voice-recorder evaluations of one Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan at his best), and remember, BOB is real.

9:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 31 | Enzian Theater, 1300 South Orlando Ave., Maitland | 407-629-0054 | | $5