Pilobolus breaks the mold of modern dance at Dr. Phillips Center


  • Grant Halverson
Orlando regularly hosts national theater and music acts, but rarely national tours for modern dance fans, who should flock to the Dr. Phillips Center for Pilobolus’ first area appearance in 19 years. The troupe was founded when three non-dancers met during the 1970s in a Dartmouth modern dance class and found ways to share their weight and intertwine their bodies in seemingly impossible ways. Ignorance of formal dance technique gave rise to their unique movement style, and they named their company after a barnyard fungus that “propels its spores with extraordinary speed, accuracy and strength.” Pilobolus’ organic, experimental approach has led to collaborations with artists outside the dance world, including Penn & Teller, Radiolab, OK Go and the MIT Distributed Robotics Laboratory. You’ve probably seen Pilobolus and not realized it: They created their signature shadows for the 2007 Oscars and have been in commercials for Ford, Toyota and Hyundai. Plus, they’re in the Guinness book for squeezing 26 people into a Mini Cooper. Let’s see the ballet try that.

8 p.m. Saturday, April 4 | Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts, Walt Disney Theater | 844-513-2014 | drphillipscenter.org | $25.50-$49.50