No, Billy Manes is not moving to California, we have not been bought by Tribune and DPAC was not tagged by graffiti artists



Some people who were reading yesterday may have caught on to our little joke – it was April Fools Day, and in addition to a bunch of legit content, we peppered the issue with fake stories. For those who didn't catch on, here are the things that aren't happening:

Tribune did not buy Orlando Weekly, nobody got laid off, and we're not changing our editorial focus (also, our publisher, Graham Jarrett, does not knit baby booties). 

Billy Manes is going to California, but he promises us he's coming back when he's done with his monthlong residency at Djerassi. Right, Billy?

The Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts was not tagged with graffiti. 

Mills 50 is not being renamed Will's 50 (though we think it should be). 

Thanks to those who humored us through our little hard-de-har-har. Obviously, we try not to take things too seriously here. 

Things that you may have thought were fake, but are actually real:

We did review Red Lobster, and we (sorta) didn't hate it, although "You could do worse!" isn't exactly high praise.

Mr. Gold is really leaving his spot on Colonial Drive because the business he worked for is closing.