Sauron's never looked sexier than at Tolkien It Off: A Tribute to 'The Lord of the Rings'


Kissa Von Addams as Sauron
  • Kissa Von Addams as Sauron
If you go to MegaCon and leave feeling like the cosplayers were a little too dressed up, with nary a tasseled pasty in sight, the Venue has the remedy for your hankering for high-fantasy boobies. An all-star cast of local burlesque stars open all three volumes of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic to present a tribute to slinky elves, stacked dwarves and … barefoot hobbits? Well, whatever. With performances by local favorites like Vita DeVoid and Kissa Von Addams, watching these Middle-earth-themed routines should have you gasping “my precious!” while getting you hotter than the fires of Mount Doom. The $3 upgrade to front-row VIP seating might be totally worth it if any of the performers are able to put together a sexy Shelob costume.

9 p.m. Friday, April 10 | The Venue, 511 Virginia Drive | | $17-$20