LET THEM FIGHT! Bring Tokyo's new Godzilla hotel to Orlando!



If you're anything like me, you're a massive fan of old green-n-scaly. Well earlier this year, a new Godzilla-themed hotel was announced for Tokyo's Shinjuku and I've been knocking over (very small) buildings in anticipation for on-site pictures and a decent walkthrough. At long last, we have this video to prove just how over-the-top bonkers this vacation hot spot actually is:

I mean sure, that one room by his eye is awesome, but do they charge less for rooms with a bird's-eye view of Godzilla's mega-junk? Depending on your audience, I guess you could charge more right? Maybe? Either way, this hotel sounds bad-freaking-ass!

Would you guys like to see the King of Monsters looming over International Drive in Orlando? Sound off in the comments below!