Twelve21 Gallery moves into their new home on Mills Avenue with a glittery explosion of 'New Refractions'


'Dispersion – White Horse' - ANDRÉA STANISLAV
  • Andréa Stanislav
  • 'Dispersion – White Horse'
Twelve21 Gallery, known for their modestly sized, big-idea art shows, has moved out of their small walk-up in Ivanhoe Village and into a spot in the Orange Studio on Mills Ave. Though the street number, 1121, is off by a digit, they’re bringing the same level of contemporary art to their first exhibition there, New Refractions. The show features art by New York artist Andréa Stanislav, who creates collages out of bright colors, glitter and refractive film. The final products look something like shimmery, shiny explosions of color and images that top even the most retina-searing Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper, calling attention to dichotomies of beauty versus horror, or reality versus surreality. It should be a bright, colorful show to kick off Twelve21’s bright, colorful future at their bright, colorful new home. 

Opening 6-9 p.m. Friday, April 17 | Twelve21 Gallery, 1121 N. Mills Ave. | 407-982-4357 | | free