Watch this footage of a UCF student on acid getting tased by cop


  • Screengrab via YouTube

When you have handcuffs, barking K9s, a couple of yelling police officers and some LSD, you’ve got yourself a nice concoction for possibly the worst acid trip you can imagine. Now, envision your dosed-up self getting tased by a cop.

As first reported by the Orlando Sentinel, on Sunday April 19, UCF student John Kane wandered around campus barefoot and shirtless, allegedly pulling the library fire alarm and punching a fellow student in the face before authorities ultimately tased him into submission. 

All of this action was captured on the officer’s body camera (there's also some bystander footage, as well). 
As you can see in the above video, Kane experienced the worst-case scenario while under the influence of illegal psychedelics. At one point an officer yells, "Relax! Relax!" to Kane, a man who was just hit with a stun gun and probably sees the world as an over-sized fluorescent black light poster.

After being subdued, Kane was rushed to the hospital where he remained on Monday.

This isn't the first time a Florida college student has been tased on camera. In 2007, at a John Kerry press-conference at the University Of Florida, student Andrew Meyer infamously yelled, “DON’T TASE ME, BRO” while being tased for asking a question authorities found to be out of line. That kid went on to law school. 

As for his academic future for Kane, he was issued a “Student Affairs Referral,” which subjects his academic future to the Office Of Student Conduct’s discretion and he may face criminal charges.