Two words: Taco cannon



I bet you never thought you'd actually want to go to Omaha, Nebraska, did you? Well, that was probably true until you heard about the latest feature at University of Nebraska-Omaha's brand-new Mavericks Stadium: a taco cannon. (T-shirt cannons are so passé.)

You read that right: Omaha Tex-Mex restaurant Voodoo Taco built a machine that shoots tacos ... and UNO's athletic department said, "Sure, please shoot tacos at our students and fans, because what could possibly go wrong?"  

(Actually, imagine how great it would be if, instead of having to walk the two blocks from Will's Pub to Tako Cheena, they could just shoot you a crispy panko cod taco. Or an African braised beef burrito, although that would probably be capable of causing death.)

And then, as they say in sports, the crowd went wild.

Apparently there are dueling taco cannons out there (what even is this world)?, because here's video of a taco cannon – more like a taco Gatling gun – being deployed at Austin's Fun Fun Fun Fest in 2013 (and no, it's not that guy in the luchador mask throwing stuff):