Universal Orlando hosted #Floridaman twice this week



It's not often that Floridaman makes public appearances at Orlando's theme parks, but this week, he showed up at Universal Orlando. Twice. 

  • via clickorlando.com

In the first incident, 41-year-old Sean Englemann was allegedly caught trying to climb over a fence to get into Universal for free on Sunday. He didn't get far – he was stopped by loss prevention officers at the park, then arrested by Orange County sheriffs, who booked him for "stealing passage to amusements."

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In the second incident, 41-year-old Englishman Andrew Wood was arrested for allegedly peeing into an ice machine at the Hard Rock Hotel. At around midnight on Tuesday, a security guard was notified that there was a drunk, unruly guest in the hotel. When he went to investigate, he reportedly spotted Wood urinating into an ice machine, so he called Orlando police. When police arrived, they found Wood, and he appeared to be drunk. Officers gave him the option of staying in his hotel room for the rest of the night or spending the night in jail. According to news reports, he opted for the latter, but he probably second-guessed his decision in the morning.