Half off all vinyl at Rabbitfoot Records in Sanford until Wednesday


Last month, we got an update from Rabbitfoot Records - the coffee lounge and vinyl shop that's making all kinds of Sanford buzz - and found out they'd be opening a second location and that they had resumed record-cutting services in the shop (from when they used to be located in Titusville; they've since split with that location, which is now called Cosmic Vinyl, if you're trying to keep up!). Well it looks like they plan to open that shop in mid-May (according to their Facebook) and until then, they're clearing out the old location and selling all their vinyl for 50 percent off.

That's like, half what you'd normally pay?

The sale ends Wednesday, April 29 (that's tomorrow), but it's a good reason to hop on Sunrail tomorrow for that Sanford day trip you've been planning.