Winter Park is tired of people smoking on patios


  • via Healthy Central Florida

In a huge push against smoke being blown in people's faces, Winter Park is looking to snuff out cigarettes from its restaurants, including the patios.

Breathe Free Winter Park held a press conference April 17 to persuade local restaurant owners to join their voluntary smoke-free movement. 

Founder of 4 Rivers Smokehouse and the Coop John Rivers weighed in at the press conference, “I believe smoking is a personal choice and have no intent of compromising that freedom. That very same freedom is the reason I favor smoke-free public areas. When smokers light up, they subject everyone around them to second-hand smoke and in so, rob nonsmokers of the very freedom of choice they themselves are fighting for.”

According Healthy Central Florida, only 10 percent of Winter Park residents smoke. 

The smoke-out effort is in partnership with the Park Avenue Merchants Association, the Winter Park Health Foundation, the Winter Park Chamber, Florida Hospital, Rollins College, Healthy Central Florida, the American Lung Association and, so far, nearly 30 local restaurants.

You can find out more about the Breathe Free Winter Park movement and a full list of participating restaurants here.