Tackling the NFL: Orlando artist Andrew Spear's work highlighted during NFL Draft


The NFL Draft 2015 stretched from Thursday, April 30, until Saturday, May 2. Right there on the last day as the hype was winding down – when commentators had likely run out of creative ways to explain why certain players had not yet been chosen (how many different ways can you say marijuana infraction?) – the NFL chose to highlight Orlando artist Andrew Spear (who they brought to Chicago to do NFL Draft artwork) on their Instagram feed.

Before and after. #NFLDraft #DraftTown 📷: @trevorjwong/NFL

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While Spear may not be known for touchdowns or tackles (or whatever), he can frequently be spotted at beloved Miami Dolphins-loving sports bar the Hideaway, where locals are used to, if not bumping into the artist, unavoidably encountering his memorable mural of a football-toting beauty. It's likely a nice boost for Spear's visibility (with more than 76,000 likes on Instagram and counting), and it's definitely cool to see an Orlando artist who has colored so much of our city drafting up attention-worthy pieces in other places.

See more of Spear's work here.