Listen now: Mikal Cronin's 'MCIII' is out and it's gold



I've been geeking out over Mikal Cronin's MCIII since it first leaked into my ears, playing it over and over - but in a very different way than I did when I first encountered MCII. Where that record was mad hooky and powered by energetic anthems like "Shout It Out" and "See It My Way," MCIII dabbles there a little (especially on "Made My Mind Up," which could've strummed right along with the best of MCII), but mostly it goes instead into a more curious territory that is at once grandiose (so many layers of sound to dive through, and surprising instrument choices laced through out) and sweetly small-minded (the simple themes and concise imagery make the album lyrically as impressive as a one-line drawing). It's streaming now on Spotify, so get on that if you've been bored by all the sexy synths and looking for something more soulful (but not stuffy) and sonically stunning.